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KW Classics Tote Bag

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The KW Classics Tote Bag is the perfect statement piece, featuring a vibrant doodle of a few of the two cities' icons screen-printed on durable canvas. With its fun design, it's the perfect way to show your love for the KW community. Bag is approximately 15"x16". 

The design features:

  • City of Waterloo sign
  • Seagram building window
  • Victoria Park clock tower
  • Otis and Ophelia (swans that frequent Victoria Park)
  • A gaggle of geese, flying overhead
  • Erb Street street sign
  • Oktoberfest timeteller
  • Bavarian Oktoberfest hat
  • Rockway Gardens fountains
  • Plane taking off from YKF airport
    KW Classics Tote Bag
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